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Repair Services

Broken glass of tablet or smartphone? Cracked glass replacement? Malfunctioning screen? Missouri City Cell Phone Glass Repair will fix it!

The Broken Glass Story

Whether your smartphone got damaged due to a hard flop on the floor or knock on the wall, scratched by the edge of the table, cracked inside your pocket or bag, or smashed by a sharp or pointed object, our professional advice, bring it on our cell phone glass repair shop at Missouri City for the immediate inspection and repair of our staffs.

Tiny cracks or totally broken glass, we highly suggest that you refrain from using it as that may cause more troubles on your smartphone or tablet; and even worst if those tiny glass fibers would hurt your fingers or hands. Missouri City Cell Phone Glass Repair has encountered hundreds of cases where units with cracked and broken glass were continuously used. Most of them ended up on a costly move by the owner.

How Do We Like to End that Story?

Troubleshooting and repairing quite a number of smartphones and tablets with broken glass has been our job for years. We’ve witnessed how worried owners are about their expensive gadget and important files. But what’s amazing is when we’re seeing our customers expressing relief after their valuable smartphones and tablets were returned back on their good working condition.

We highly encourage you to bring your smartphones and tablets with cracked or broken glass to our Missouri City Cell Phone Glass Repair shop. We will replace, repair and fix your smartphones and tablets at a reasonable cost, quality and time. That’s our ultimate guarantee!

Who Really are We?

You may think that we’re just another cell phone glass repair (CPR) shop in Missouri City. But wait, our CPR Business is highly recognized in Missouri City when it comes to providing better, affordable and reliable services and solutions for tablets and smartphones. Our business is to restore back your device to its 100% working condition. We repair:

· Smartphones such as iPhone, Samsung, Sony, HTC, Blackberry, Motorola, LG, Nokia, Amazon and Android phones

· Tablets such as iPad, Google Nexus, Samsung and Microsoft Surface

How Do We Repair that Expensive Stuff?

Repairing your device’s broken glass entails a lot of technical and mechanical procedures. It’s not just as simple as flipping the unit, removing the case or cover, loosening the screws, and disassembling the components. You have to be careful not to damage every little pieces of electronic and mechanical parts, tiny strips of copper wires, elastic connector films, and the super sensitive ESD components inside. Our Missouri City techs handle heat guns, precision screw drivers, mini tweezers, and a variety of hard-to-find repair tools on our cell phone glass repair shop.

And when we re-connect everything back, we hold our breath for a moment right after pushing that power button. We are humans too, and we could have forgotten putting back the battery inside the unit. We sincerely apologize if that happens in front of you. But trust us. We are the most courteous and skillful tablet and cell phone glass repair techs in Missouri City. And more than these smartphones and tablets is “you”. We make it sure that the price you pay is worth the service you get.

What Makes Us Totally Different?

We can tell you in just a few minutes of inspection if your smartphone have damages other than a broken glass. The moment that we turn on that button, we can verify if your smartphone has battery issues, software bugs, and connectivity problems.

Considering that the main reason of sending over your smartphone or tablet is due to a broken glass, we take it as an opportunity to also check other components that were possibly damaged during the breaking incident. For example, if we see traces of metal or plastic residues inside the unit, it is more likely that some parts also got damaged. It could be the headphone jacks, buttons or camera lens.

There are incidences wherein even you are unaware why your smartphone got damaged. Water spillage, exploited by your younger brother, or overheating while charging; these are the things you just don’t know ruined your smartphone or tablet.  Whatever the case might be, bring that to Missouri City Cell Phone Glass Repair shop and we’ll do the right fix.

And we never lie to our customers. If still there is a DIY fix, we tell it. Scratches are easy with safe-to-apply solutions. Poor graphic display is just more on settings. Unable to turn on is probably due to a totally drained battery. We give tips and advices on fixing the tablet or smartphone yourself – free of charge. We’ll just give you a smile on that.

Let’s Fix That Broken Glass Today

Smartphone repair? Tablet repair? Cell phone glass repair? We are the company that you’re looking for. Contact us through our Missouri City Cell Phone Glass Repair website today. Our repair techs and service crews are here to fix it.

Request a Quote or Discuss Our Rates Today

We’ll be happy to provide a good-faith estimate based upon your device’s brand and model, and your description of the problems it’s having. And while the actual cost to repair your device will depend on how much work needs to be completed, the parts replaced, and the location of the closest Texas Cellular store, we’re more than happy to discuss our rates with you.

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Why Choose Us

Our Technicians
Our technicians are level 3 cell phone repair professionals who have worked for major cell phone manufacturers, including HTC, Apple, Samsung and LG. They have combined experience of over 18 years and extensive knowledge of all cell phone models.

What kind of repairs we do.
Our skills and experience include the repair of cracked screens, charging issues, microphone problems and reconditioning phones.

Our Legacy.
With over 10 years of being in the cell phone repair and unlocking industry, our roots are in wholesale repair services, which is why we can get you the best deals, lowest prices and fastest service. With our aggressive pricing, additional services and our helpful call center, we are truly the definition of the “One Stop Shop” in the prepaid cellular and repair market.