Texas Cellular:
Free Diagnostics

We have been serving the Houston community for over 10 Years!!

Texas Cellular is the largest and dominant storefront Retailer, Wholesaler of Cell Phones, Accessories and Cell Phone Repair Service provider in Houston, Texas area.

Since 2015, Texas Cellular has been dedicated to providing Cell Phone Repairs, Tablet Repairs, Cell Phones and Cell Phone Accessories to customers in Houston, Texas and around the area. We offer most affordable cell phone products and services at a great price on a wide range of services.


Texas Cellular, where your entire cell phones mishaps are welcome!

Whether you dropped your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy phone on the sidewalk or watched your Tablet, iPad or iPod take a bath, let one of our experienced and dedicated cell phone technicians take a look at it. Don’t worry if you are not part of the Apple or Samsung carrying population, we service a wide variety of cell phone brands including, Huawei, Oppo, Vivo, One Plus, Xiaomi, Lenovo, LG and Sony. We also service iPad’s and a wide variety of tablets, and everything in between. We will happily diagnose at any electronic device that troubles you absolutely free of charge! We are committed to providing our customers and their beloved electronics with the highest-grade parts and services. We offer free diagnostics, and promise to keep you informed every step of the way on your electronic device’s road to recovery! We are also able to offer many of our repairs and services while you wait so you can be on your way as soon as possible.

Here at Texas Cellular, we remain confident that we are the best at what we do because of our customer’s continued loyalty and positive outward commentary to their respective community. Our trained technicians are able to repair your iPhone, Smartphone, iPod, iPad, tablet, computer, video game console and other electronic devices while maintaining manufacturer standard quality and functionality. Our customer’s continued positive feedback and referrals have allowed Texas Cellular to become one of Houston’s leading cell phone repair companies, allowing us to continue to spread our commitment to excellence to communities all over the Texas!

Whether it’s a broken screen on your cell phone or an iPad/Tablet that won’t charge let Texas Cellular technician take a look at it. We aim to exceed your expectations, and in doing so, are able to offer a 15-day warranty on all repairs, let us show you what we can do! Don’t hesitate to visit our repair location today at Harwin Drive, where you will be sure to find the most affordable and reliable services in one stop!

 Texas Cellular Promise

At Texas Cellular we’re assured we are the best at what we do because our customers continue to tell us so. We believe there is no better testament to the true quality, then the positive feed back of satisfied customers. Our proprietary repair processes ensure most repairs are completed within 15-30 minutes, all while maintaining the manufacturer’s original feel and functionality. We stand by our ‘Texas Cellular Promise’ by assuring;

  1. 15-Day Warranty on all Repairs
  2. 100% Guaranteed Best Quality Parts
  3. Same Day Repairs within 30 Minutes
  4. Free Diagnostics
  5. Low Price Repair Guarantee
  6. Expert and Proven Repair Techniques
  7. Quick & Convenient Customer Service

The positive feed back and referrals generated by our customers have allowed Texas Cellular to become one of the leading handheld cell phone repair company in Greater Houston Area. We are so sure we will exceed your expectations that our parts and repairs are backed by a 15-day unconditional warranty.

From water-damage to shattered displays, Texas Cellular is your fast, affordable, reliable repair solution.

Texas Cellular is the largest and dominant storefront Retailer of Cell Phones, Accessories and Cell Phone Repair Service provider in Houston, Texas area.