GoSmart Mobile

Gosmart Mobile Plans


What kind of phones work on this service?

T-mobile, Go Smart and Unlock Phones GSM

Can I port in my number? Does it have to be active?

If you have an existing phone number that you wish to transfer into Go Smart Mobile, just let us know when you activate your account. Ensure that you have your previous service provider’s account number handy in order to guarantee successful transfer of your existing phone number.

What information would I need to port in my number?

First the number has to be active, meaning the customer must be able to receive and make calls with that number. We need the customer’s ACCOUNT NUMBER and PIN NUMBER, these are CRUCIAL, without this info there is no way for number porting. you can also get customer to fill out our number porting/activating form. Customer can get ACCOUNT NUMBER and PIN from customer service by dialing 611 on their phone.

Will I need to get new SIM cards?

Yes, you will need to get a new SIM card, because the old was cannot be used.

Is it a contract?

NO this is not a contract, this is prepaid,

CALL 1-800-403-2466 For any questions about plans and activations